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Friday, May 19, 2006

Movie with Aunty

Hi! My name is Sree. I m from Hyderabad (India). Today I am going to share the enjoyment of my first sex with you people (Girls and Boys). This incident happen 2 year back. Beautiful girls and women with tight, round and big backsides always attracted me. I always wished to fuck the females having big “Ghand”.
My cousin is in Alwal. He has a very pretty wife with a big backside. She is a very smart but loose character women. Whenever I saw her I wished to have sex with her but… One day my cousin called me when I was at home and said that He was going to Madras for two days. He asked me to come to his home because his wife and two children were alone at home. So I went there. I had to spend the two nights with my Aunt (Babe). I was pretty much excited and was hoping for a miracle that something happens and I get a chance to fuck her. At that particular night, after dinner, when the children went to bed, she said that she had brought a movie and invited me to watch that movie. During the movie I observed that she is also interested in me and she was hastily looking at me. There was an erotic scene in the movie. She was sitting beside me. Watching that scene I became out of control and suddenly kissed her on the chick. Then she took me to her bedroom. I was sitting on her bed and she was standing in front of me such that her breasts were parallel to my face. I was so much excited that I kissed her breasts. Then she sat down on the bed beside me and we started kissing. Her lips were very sweet. I felt as if I was sucking a toffee. After that I asked her to lie down on the bed and started squeezing her breasts. I could easily feel the nipples of her big breasts. I slowly started undressing her. I took off her shirt and sucked her breasts so much that they became wet. When I took off her “shalwar” and saw her cleaned shaved wet pussy I was out of control and started licking her pussy.It was delicious. She was also burning. She was making noises Ahhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhh, Ummmmmmmmm. Afterwards she took off my paint and shirt and started sucking my erected dick. I was really enjoying it. After that she again asked me to lick her pussy because no one had licked her pussy before not even her husband. Then she again started sucking my dick like a lollypop. It was unbearable for me because it was my first sex. I told her that stop it and let me put my dick in your ass first and then in your pussy. But she was not in control. I could not tolerate the warmness of her mouth therefore I cummed in her mouth. She asked me to fuck her pussy but I was not in a position to do that on the other hand she was insisting. So I asked her to go in the doggy position and started licking her ass hole. She was crying and really enjoying it. Then I took her in my arms from the backside and put my hands on her pussy and started rubbing it. We were in a position that her “Ghand” was touching my dick and I was rubbing her pussy with my one hand and breasts with the other hand. She was saying Ummmmmmmm “Bohot maza a raha hay kartay raho” Ahhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhh. Zor say maslo meri choot. Apni ungli mer choot may dalo.
Finally my cock was erected and I asked her to lie down. Then I put my cock in her loose but beautiful pussy. She cried Oh. Her pussy was very warm from the inerside. Then I started ” Jhatkay”. She was constantly making noise. Ohhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhh, Ummmmmmm. Zor Zor say jhatkay do Alyas. Aur zor say, Aur zor say. Zor say chodo meri choot aur zor say. Ahhhhhhhhh, bohot maza a raha hay kartay raho. Hearing these noises I started fucking her more hardly. My dick was going in and out in her pussy. After more than 15 minutes I took out my dick from her pussy and put it in her ass hole. She had a very tight ass hole. As it was my dream to fuck her from the backside therefore I was really enjoying it. Then I took out my dick from her ass hole and asked her to ride on my dick. I lied down and she sat down over me and she put my dick in her pussy and started riding on my cock just like a horse constantly making noise. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ooooooofffffffff, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ooh, Ooh. I was licking her breasts and my hands were on her backside and my fingers were trying to define her ass hole. She asked me to put my finger in her ass hole. So I did that and she cried “Ahista say Asif”. Ahhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhh, Oh yes Oh yes. Zor say jhatkay do. Aur zor say, aur zor say. Meri choot par do. Meri ghand par do Aj rat. Then she again lied down and I was over her with my dick in her warm pussy. After a long time I cummed in her pussy. That night I fucked her five times and was feeling pain in my dick. She liked my dick very much. So friends it was the experience of my first sex. Next time I will write you about my sex with a girl of my muhalla. She also has a very big backside, which is my weakness.

Jealous Sister

There I was making out with Sonal, a gorgeous tall beauty that I’d met two nights ago. She was wearing an awfully short skirt and tight little top. I was really into it with her hoping to maybe get her into bed. I was about to put my hands up her shirt when I heard a loud bang on my bedroom door.
“Shit. What is it now.” I said quietly.
Sonal looked at me innocently and started to put her shirt back down. She remained laying on the bed as I got up to see what was going on. I opened my door and saw Renuka my 18-year-old little sister staring up at me.
“Renu, what do you want?” I asked frustrated.
She tried to peep into my room as I closed the door behind me.
“So who do you have in there with you?” She asked deviously.
“Non of your business.” I snapped at her.
Her green eyes pierced at me and slowly moved down trying to get a look at my erection. I felt myself blush and pulled my long t-shirt down.
“Well anyway, Mom and Dad are going to be home soon, so you better get your tramp girlfriend out of here before they hear you having sex.” She said everything loudly.
With that, she walked away looking back at me. I just shook my head in disbelief and went back to Sonal. She was already putting her shoes back on as if she was ready to leave.
“Where you going?” I asked anxiously.
“Kuki I got to get going and I believe your little sister doesn’t like me. I heard her call me a tramp.”
“Ah don’t listen to her. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”
Sonal didn’t listen and proceeded to leave. I was pissed and had a major case of blue balls. I couldn’t believe Renuka had done that to me. She’d always been interfering with any girl I would go out with or bring home. I had wished I had my own place but I was still in college and barely making it so here I was staying at my parents for the summer with my nosy little sister.
Renuka had just graduated from high school was got accepted to go to college all the way across the country. I unfortunately never had good grades so was stuck in a local college for the meantime.
Renuka was 2 years younger but she acted like she was the older sibling. It seemed like she was always taking care of me. At times I felt she was more overprotective than our parents were.
I walked Sonal out as Renuka sat on the living room couch reading. I heard her snicker as we walked out. I felt angry and embarrassed. I watched Sonal leave in a hurry and I slammed the door close hard.
“Renu! Are you satisfied that she left? Thanks to you!” I yelled at her.
Renuka calmly put her book down and glared at me. “I did you a favor. That girl looks like a total slut.”
“You don’t even know Sonal.”
“Ha! Sonal? There you go, a total slut name.” She laughed.
I felt my anger rise. “Why do you have to be such a bitch to me? I never interfere with your stupid boyfriends.”
She continued to laugh.
I felt like shouting at her and then I just stopped. “Oh wait. Renu you’ve never even had a boyfriend!” I bursted out laughing.
Her laugh immediately stopped and she narrowed her eyes at me. “You don’t know if I’ve had a boyfriend or not. Besides you don’t see me bringing any guys home.”
She stood up and ran out the room up to her bedroom and shut her door. I felt bad for making fun of her. I almost forgot I had never seen her with a guy. I knew she talked to guys since they always called the house, but I’d never really heard her mention a boyfriend.
I heard my parents arrive a few minutes later. I went back to my room and didn’t see Renuka for the rest of the night. I lay in my bed and kept wondering why Renuka had been acting so strange, especially lately. I reached down my boxers pulling my cock out as it was throbbing from the hard on Sonal had left for me. I started jacking off thinking of Sonal’s thick lips on my cock and then images of Renuka came to my mind.
Instead of being turned off thinking about my sister, I became more thrilled. I kept imagining that maybe Renuka wanted me for herself and that’s why she was always running out my girlfriends. The thought of my gorgeous little sister wanting me was making my balls swell up wanting to pump out my cream. I jerked off faster finally releasing all the sexual tension I had. Thanks to my beautiful sister.
The next day started off like a normal day. My parents had gone to work and I woke up early wanting to call Sonal. I called but kept getting her voicemail on her cell phone. I knew this girl was never going to talk to me again.
I got up and showered hoping to be able to call up another girl name Rashmi to go out. I’d met Rashmi last semester in my film class. Rashmi was sexy as hell. She had long reddish brown hair and gorgeous hazel eyes. Not to mention a nice tight firm ass and amazing breasts.
I called up Rashmi and she agreed to go out for lunch. I was hoping maybe lunch would lead to fucking or something close to it. I left the house a little before noon and Renuka seemed to still be sleeping. Rashmi and I went out for lunch and for a walk by the lake. It was getting too hot outside so I invited her to my house.
We got to my house and Renuka was doing some washing. She had her dark black hair in a ponytail and wore some short little blue jean shorts and a black halter-top. I was hoping to get past her without her telling me anything but it was too late. She was standing by the living room folding some towels and just glared at me.
“Renu, this is Rashmi. Rashmi, my sister Renu.” I said forcefully introducing them.
“Hello.” Rashmi said extending her hand for a handshake.
Renuka just looked down and smirked. “So this is the new flavor of the week huh Kuki?”
I felt myself flush. I was speechless. Damnit she was ruining it again!
Rashmi just looked at me with despiteful eyes. “What does she mean the new flavor?” She asked upset.
“N-nothing. She’s just being silly.” I explained trying to keep my cool.
“Are you that much of an airhead?” Renuka asked Rashmi sarcastically.
Rashmi just looked back at Renuka and then me.
“Renu leave her alone.” I blurted out finally.
“I’m out of here.” Rashmi said displeased. She held on tightly to her purse and walked towards the door.
I gave Renuka a look of anger and tried to stop Rashmi from leaving. Renuka just smiled in satisfaction and went back to doing laundry.
“Wait! Rashmi! Please!” I yelled behind her.
Rashmi continued to storm out furiously opening the door. I put my hand on the door ready to stop her.
“Listen, please don?t pay attention to my sister. She is just being dumb. I want you to stay please.”
Rashmi nodded. “No way. I’ve had problems with other guys and their sisters not liking me and I don’t want to go through that again.”
“But-.” It was too late. She was out the door.
I watched her leave and I felt enraged. I stomped down to the laundry room and pulled Renuka out to the kitchen. I grabbed her little arm hard pulling her out.
“Ow! Shit what the fuck?” Renuka shrilled.
“What the fuck is your problem? Renu, that girl did nothing to you and you were a total bitch to her!”
She yanked her arm out of my grip and narrowed her eyes at me. “That girl was a whore like all your other little girlfriends. Can’t you see you can do so much better than all those slutty girls?”
I felt myself want to just scream at Renuka. “Who I go out with is non of your business!”
She just laughed loudly. “It is my business when all your going out with are sluts!”
I had reached my boiling point. Renuka wasn’t going to get away with talking to me like that. I was older than her; she had to respect me. I grabbed her once again pulling her towards me. Her little body quickly flung into my arms. She was so close to me as my hot breath was brushing her skin. She looked scared yet excited.
“Do you consider yourself to be my ideal girl or what?” I asked angry.
“Yes! I do! I want you to myself!” She confessed as her body trembled.
I felt my cock rise as my sister admitted that she wanted me. It was like a fantasy, a sexy fantasy come true. I was speechless for that moment and just looked down at her. Our eyes locked with lust and emotion, and she tiptoed to reach up and kiss me.
The first time feeling Renuka’s lips on mine was so erotic. Her lips were absolutely soft and plump. It was a beautiful kiss that went from just her lips touching mine to her tongue forcing itself into my mouth. Our tongues stroked against each other gently as I slipped my arms around her tiny waist. I couldn’t believe what was happening! Here I was in the family kitchen making out with my sister.
I felt her put her arms around neck as I lifted her body up just a bit. Our bodies were so close and I could feel the sexual tension between us rise. Her body felt incredible. Her skin was so supple and she smelled so wonderful. I heard her moan as our kiss intensified. I couldn’t help but let my hands slide down to her breasts. Her breasts felt so fine under the cotton fabric of her top. Her nipples were already erect as my fingers were just beginning to rub on them.
“Renu, I want you right now.” I said as I broke our powerful kiss.
She was breathing hard. “I-I want you too. I’ve wanted you for such a long time Kuki.”
I put my hand on her hair letting the small rubber band that held her long silky hair back drop. I watched her hair fall all over her pretty face. I ran my fingers through it just admiring her. She just looked up at me smiling in satisfaction that her big brother was finally with the girl he should be.
“Come on. Let’s go up to my room.” I said taking her by the hand.
She didn’t reply just followed me upstairs. I felt my heart race with excitement and anxiety at the same time. We got up to my room and it was dark and cool. My bed was still undone since I’d gotten up and just rushed out hoping to get laid.
I felt Renuka stop as I turned on the lights. “What?” I asked concerned.
She looked at me nervously. “Kuki, this will be my first time.”
I felt my more stimulation run through me. “Really? Well if you’re not ready to do this, we don’t have to Renu.”
She licked her lips and closed the door behind her. I heard her snap the lock to it. “I do want to. I just wanted you to know that I’ve waited just for you. I love you.”
She walked closer to me put her arms around me as I held her tight. I reached the back of her neck and started undoing the knot that held her halter top up. Renuka stood there letting me take full control of the situation.
“Hmmm you tied this pretty tight didn’t you?” I asked playfully as I was having a hard time undoing her top.
She giggled. “Well I just hope it’ll be worth it once you manage to take it off.”
I leaned down to kiss her once again as I fiddled with the top finally being able to untie her top. I stood back letting the blue top fall exposing her gorgeous breasts. I gasped seeing her breasts for the first time. They were absolutely amazing. Her areolas were light brown and her nipples were a dark pink shade and big.
She looked shyly at me blushing. I couldn’t help but smile. I moved close to her proceeding to untie the bottom portion of her top to let the shirt fall to the floor. I finally had her there, topless and looking so enchanting. I grabbed one of her breasts and rubbed my finger around her nipple making it harder and making her arch her back. I moved my head down taking one of her big nipples in my mouth as I sucked on it while I let my finger rub the other nipple.
“Ooooh Kuki! Feels so good!” She whined in pleasure.
I took turns sucking on her nipples. I lightly tugged on them feeling the flesh on my teeth while my hand moved down to her firm ass. I came back up and kissed her mouth again as her chest pressed against my body.
“You look so beautiful Renu.” I said kissing her neck.
She tilted her head back and moaned softly against my ear. I felt her hand pulling up my t-shirt. I helped her and took off my shirt. I could see her beaming with lust. She started kissing my chest with nice softy kisses. I felt my cock throbbing anxiously wanting to get inside my sister. I loved the way she kissed my chest and she slowly slid her tongue down to my stomach bending her knees.
“I want to suck you off.” She whispered.
My eyes widened with surprise. “Oh Renu. Yes! Suck me.”
She got on the floor now fully on her knees. I watched her unbutton my shorts and heard the zipper go down. She let my shorts fall to the floor leaving me in my boxers. She grinned as she saw my hard cock almost wanting to creep out of my boxers.
“Mmmm I can’t wait to taste you.” She wailed as she rubbed her pretty face over my boxers letting my hard cock circle all over her face.
I waited anxiously to feel her lips wrap around my cock. Her hand grabbed my cock over my boxers as she gave it a squeeze sending nothing but fervor all through me. She put her hand down my boxers taking out my aching cock.
“Now I’m going to make it up to you for leaving you without sex these past few days.” She teased looking up at me.
“Hmmm that’s right. You owe me.” I said grabbing her long hair in my hands.
I felt my cock enter her warm mouth as her full lips wrapped tightly around it. I flung my head back feeling her incredible mouth. Her lips were sucking on the head of my cock slurping up all the precum. She moved her mouth more and more until she had my entire prick in her mouth. I felt the moisture of her mouth just shower my cock in delight. I moved her head back and fourth to the rhythm that pleased me.
She looked up at me as she blew me. I looked down at her loving the way she looked as she swallowed up my cock. The room was filled with loud smacking sounds of her sucking me.
“Mmmm yes baby. Suck big brother’s cock. Are you going to let your big brother cum in your mouth?” I asked breathlessly.
She nodded her head and started sucking harder. Her head bobbed back and fourth with a fast pace making me want to shoot my load in her mouth. I wanted to hold off to shoot my first load in her cunt, but it was too late. I felt hard spurts of cum bursting out of my cock and into her mouth. I saw her flinch, as she tasted her first shot of sperm. But she managed to swig it all down.
I left my cock in her mouth making sure she got all the cum drops down her throat. My cock still didn’t soften. I knew it wouldn’t until after I fucked my sister’s pussy. I held on to her hair gripping it tightly after the intense orgasm she’d given me. I slowly let my grip go as she moved up kissing my body again.
“Was that OK?” She asked bashfully.
I looked into her eyes grabbing her close to me. “Fuck yes. God you were so wonderful Renu. I love you.”
She bit her lip with contentment. “I love you too.”
I picked her small body up easily carrying her over to my bed. I basically squirmed myself to the bed as my shorts and boxers were down to my ankles. I laid her down on my sheets and I took off her sandals and shorts. I looked down and saw her black silky panties moist from being with her own brother. My cock stiffened more at that sight. I saw her close her eyes as she waited for me to finish her off.
I took off my shoes and socks and let my boxers and shorts fall to the floor leaving me naked and ready to fuck my sister. I grabbed the sides of her black panties and slowly slid them off her long golden smooth legs. My mouth watered as I saw her shaved pussy as her panties came off.
“Renu, your pussy looks so delicious.” I murmured lowering my body to put my head between her thighs.
She raised herself up on her elbows to watch her brother eat her out. Her eyes were full of wanton and need. I kissed her thighs softly already faintly tasting some of her sweet nectar that had oozed out. I could smell her sex as my face moved closer to her pussy. She smelled so fresh and innocent. I couldn’t wait to taste her all. To let her ooze on my tongue.
I spread her pussy folds open as her pink clit popped out. She looked so wet. I looked at her virgin pussy hole, which showed to be extremely tiny. I kept feeling my cock twitch as I imagined how tight that hole would be around it. I inserted one finger inside her watching her squirm. Her hands were on her breasts as she played with her own nipples.
Her pussy was unbelievably tight. It felt warm and extremely moist as my finger slid in and out of it. I decided to slide in another finger readying her for my cock. I heard her whimper softly as the second finger went it.
“Ooooh! Mmmmmmgggghh.” She moaned.
I moved my fingers in and out of my sister’s tight cunt faster and faster making her wriggle on my bed. I loved the way her cunt felt on my fingers. By the time I knew it, I was going full speed as I fingered her. Her moans were shaky now.
“T-Kuki, I’m going to c-cum!” She blurted out.
“Yes baby let big brother watch you cum!” I hissed.
I felt her pussy hole tighten as her body quivered in delight. She was finally cumming. I watched as my sister came on my fingers letting her juices coat my skin. After she released her orgasm I dove my head down between her thighs and hungrily licked her pussy.
“Oh Kuki! Oh fuck!” She wailed as she felt me licking her cunt.
My lips wrapped tightly around her swollen clit as I sucked on it. I placed my hands on her flat stomach trying to keep her from squirming too much. I kept taking turns flicking my tongue on her clit and sucking on it. I heard her groaning in pleasure as I ate her pussy out.
“Mmmm, I’m going to cum again! Oh fuck I’m going to cum hard!” Renuka screamed out.
I could feel her body tighten again and at that moment I stuck my tongue inside her hole letting her juices drip on my tongue. Her little body twisted side-to-side as she exploded on my tongue. I was lapping all her juices as they flowed out of her like water. Her cum tasted incredible. It such a sweet indescribable taste. I felt her legs weaken as I put them down over my shoulders while I licked the remaining juices from her thighs.
“Renu, I’m so ready to be inside you.” I said standing up watching her eyes move down to my cock.
“I’m ready for you to make love to me.” She said with her voice winded.
I bent over her putting her legs around my waist. I pulled her closer to me as she closed her eyes waiting to be fucked by her brother. I got my cock and let the head enter her pussy first. I watched her tighten her eyes close feeling a cock entering her pussy for the first time. I slowly eased more of my cock in her, hearing her cry out softly.
“Baby, are you ok?” I asked stopping for a moment.
She opened her eyes and nodded. “Yes. Don’t stop. Give me what I’ve been wanting all this time.”
I leaned down to kiss her breasts and inserted more of my cock. I loved the way her pussy felt on my cock. Her juices were glazing my cock as I finally managed to get it all the way up in her. I stayed still for a moment enjoying the way her tight pussy hole made my cock throb.
I started out in a slow rhythm sliding my cock in and out of her. She looked at me as I fucked her. We held hands as our love making started.
“You feel so good!” I said in enjoyment.
“I love the way you feel inside me.” She replied gripping my hand tighter.
I started fucking Renuka faster now with more determination. I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I came. She was the tightest pussy I had in a long time. No other girl had gotten me this excited before. Maybe it was because deep down I’d always wanted to fuck Renuka and didn’t want to admit it. Now I had her here. Underneath me, letting me fuck her. Letting her own brother take away her purity. It was so sexy!
I felt my balls engorge with cum as I fucked Renuka harder and faster. I was buried deep inside her tight hole and couldn’t wait to shoot my cum in her. I felt myself already wanting to shoot out my jizz.
“Renu, I’m going to cum!” I moaned.
“Oooh Kuki! Cum in me darling!”
I kept pumping her and then I just let myself go. I felt my balls releasing a big load of cum. I erupted all inside my sister’s cunt.
“Mmm yes! Take my cum Renu. Take big brother’s cum!”
I shot about five times inside her. It was so hot knowing my own sister had taken my cum. I finally felt myself soften inside her letting me easily slide out of her.
I laid on the bed next to her holding her in my arms. We were both breathless after the passionate lovemaking. I stroked her hair as she looked at me.
“Now if I ever catching you going out with another girl again, your gonna get it!” She teased.
I kissed her and held her hand. “You don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

Sexy beggar girl

Hello every body. I am going to tell you my own true story. First of all I will tell you about my self. My name is “HOME-ALONE” obviously not a real name. My age is 22. I am a student of computers. I live in India with my Father and Mother. Usually I come from college at 4 p:m. Sometimes my father and mother goes outside the home for shopping and I became alone at the home.It was also one of the evenings when mom and papa went outside the home to meet their relatives lived in different city. I was alone in home and watching the sexy pictures of girls on the computer. I had got a large collection of pics. All the pictures were of the naked girls with beautiful styles. I did not like the pictures of fucking and sucking. I was seeing the pictures and my dick was in my hand. At that time I had never fucked any girl and I was virgin. While I was seeing the pictures of the nude girls with my dick in my hand I listened the sound of the bell. I dressed up and went to the door to see who was outside. When I went outside I saw that a young girl was begging and she asked me to help her. I asked her to come inside the home and she did so. I had not thought negative about her. I took her to my room and asked her to sit on the chair. I asked her name. She told that her name is Kiran. I questioned her that why she beg in such age. She told that she belonged to a poor family. Her father had died due to poor health and they were so poor that could not admit her father in the hospital. She was the only daughter of her parents and she had no brother and now she lives alone with her mother. Her mother is also of poor health.She told me that she was hungry and wanted to eat something. So I went to the kitchen to bring something. I took bread and gave her to eat. When I had gone outside I had left my computer on. When I brought the bread for Kiran she was looking at the computer. There was a sexy screen saver running on the computer.I felt very ashamed and quickly turned off the computer. I had never thought that the screen saver would run at such a moment. Kiran asked me about the things that were running on the computer. I was answer less and remained quite. She asked me that she wanted to see the thing that was happened on the computer. I was totally surprised on her request. I asked her that what she was saying. She again asked me that she wanted to see the things that were on the computer. I turned on the computer and showed her the sexy screen saver. She asked me that had I ever fucked any girl or boy. I told her that I was a virgin. She asked me that how was it if you lose your virginity. I was totally shocked I had never thought that such a beautiful girl would offer me to do so. She asked me to show her something on the computer.Fortunately I had got a XXX CD so I put that CD in the CD-ROM and played the movie. When the movie started my dick also started to stand up. When the movie was running Kiran also started to get warm. She put her hand on my shirt and opened my buttons. I also started to unbutton her qamize. She put my pent down. When I had unbuttoned her qamize I took it off and tried to unhook her bra but as I had no previous experience of doing such a thing so I was unable to unhook her bra. She helped me to unhook the bra. I was amazed on the next moment when I saw her boobs. They were not too big and not small, they were of perfect shape and size. I had never seen such boobs in films or pictures. I started to suck them, as I was unable to control myself. She started to take my dick in her mouth. I had been used to hand practice. I had never felt such a good sensation in my whole life. I was enjoying the beautiful moments. The moments when you had seen first time a naked girl in front of you. I was about to cum when she was taking my dick in and out in her mouth. I told her that I was cumming but she didn’t care and I cummed in her mouth. She had drunk all of the sperms and taken them all in her stomach. My eyes were closed and I was enjoying the moments. After some time I started to lick her cunt. She was coming warmer and warmer. She was moaning with delight. Her cunt was wet and hot.My dick started to get up again. Kiran had come to extremes of her delight and she started to cum. She was moaning louder and louder with pleasure. Meanwhile the home bell rang. I was afraid that my mom and papa had come. I asked Kiran to get under the bed. She got under the bed. I turned the computer off. Quickly washed my sperms and her fluid and went outside to open the door. My heart was beating and color of my face had gone. I opened the door and mom and papa went inside the home. Mom asked me that what was wrong and I told her that it was all right. I was thinking that if mom would see Kiran she would kill me. When mom entered the home she went to my room. Now I was very terrified and my heart was going to come out of my body. When she saw the utensils in my room she asked me that who had come in my room. I told her that I was hungry and took the bread in my room. She went to her room and I thanked God that she had not seen Kiran. But the trouble had not gone yet my father came into my room and turned on the computer. He usually played Free Cell on the computer.When he started the game I knew that he would not went before two or three hours. My heart was beating. I thought that I Kiran would come out what would happen. Papa played the game for three hours and it was dark outside. When he went out of my room I locked the door and asked Kiran to come out. She came out of the bed. Her color had gone. I asked her that she could go to her home and I could drop her but I was amazed on her answer. She asked that it was too late and her house was far away so she could not go to her house. I asked her that then where would she stay the night if she would not went to house. She became quite. The telephone bell rang. I asked Kiran to get under the bed and she did so. I locked my room and gone to listen the phone. It was my uncle’s phone. He told me to call my father so I called my father and he listened the phone while he was listening the phone his face was changing expressions. Papa told me that my cousin had been injured in a road accident and they (mom and papa) had to go hospital and it was also possible that they would remain in the hospital for the night. Mom and papa went to the hospital. I went to my room and asked Kiran to come outside she asked me that what had happened and I told her the whole story. I took her to the TV cabinet and turned on the TV. I asked her to watch the TV and I went to the market to bring a XXX movie. The market was near to my home and I took the movie. She was watching the channel. I put the movie in the CD-ROM of my computer and the movie started.We sat on the bed. I took her clothes off and she took my clothes off. We were totally naked. The movie was very sexy. The scenes of the film were very sexy. After watching movie for about fifteen minutes we started kissing. I kissed on her mouth when our lips met, I was feeling myself in another world, the world of wonder and delight. She gave me so much pleasure that it could not be explained on the page. We kissed each other for five minutes I was very hot. I sucked her boobs, the beautiful boobs. The boobs that were never seen and about which I had never listened. They were so firm and nicely shaped that I sucked them for a long time meanwhile she was rubbing her hands on my thighs. We came into a 69 position and I licked her cunt and she took my dick in her mouth. I was feeling very nice. She started to moan. I changed the position and sat on her stomach. My dick was wet due to her spittle I put my dick in her beautiful boobs. It was so nice that I could not explain in the words. I started to fuck her boobs after a minute I began to cum on her boobs.We again started to watch the movie. After half an hour on a beautiful scene Kiran took my dick in her mouth. It again started to standup. She sucked it for two minutes. I was rubbing her beautiful boobs. I wanted to put my dick in her cunt. I told her that I wanted to put dick in her cunt. My dick was wet due to her spittle and her cunt was wet because she was so warm. I put the head of my dick in her cunt. My dick was 8 inches long and it was also large in the diameter. When the head of my dick went into Kiran, she started to moan. I was thinking that she is moaning due to pain. I asked her that was she feeling pain but she told me to put the whole dick in her cunt. So slowly I put my dick in her cunt. Kiran was moaning with joy. Whole of my dick was inside her cunt. I had never got such a pleasure in my whole life. For two minutes I remained my dick inside her cunt without any movement. After two minutes I started to move my dick. It was my first sexual intercourse and I was feeling very nice. I started to take the jerks politely. Kiran started to moan but that time I knew that she was moaning with pleasure. I had already cum two times. So my sperms were not going to come early. I fucked her until she started to flow meantime I also told her that I was cumming. She told me to cum inside her so I cum inside her. While cumming I was so exited that I closed my eyes with my dick inside her. She had also got the same situation. We were sleeping after a while in the same position. When my eyes opened I looked at the watch it was 6:30 am. Kiran was sleeping with me. I saw her beautiful face and kissed her on the lips and then I sucked her beautiful boobs.She was sleeping without any fears. My dick again started to get up. I kissed her on her mouth. She woke up and saw at me. She told me to fuck her for the last time. First we got in a 69 position. I licked her cunt and she sucked my dick. When I changed the position and started to give her my dick in her cunt, she stopped me. I was surprised that why she had stopped me to do so. She asked me to fuck her in her ass hole. I took a lotion and wet my dick. I put some of the lotion on her ass hole. I slowly pressed my dick inside her. The cock went inside her and she started moaning. I put whole of my dick in her ass hole slowly. When the whole of my dick went inside her I started to give small jerks. I was feeling very good. Her ass hole was tight and I was feeling pressure on my dick. But the pressure was not giving me pain. It was giving me beautiful pleasure. After about 5 minutes I cum inside her. I was so tired that I went to sleep in the same position. When my eyes opened I looked at the clock. It was 8 a:m and I was afraid that if mom and father come. I set the cabinet and the room and cleaned it with the help of Kiran.I asked her that I should leave her to her home but she denied. When she was going out of my home I gave her 1000 rupees and thanked her for giving me so much pleasure.

A Meeting With An Angel

Hi everyone….I don’t think need any introduction now on this site as you have already read two of my stories in last month. This time it is of one stranger whom I met few days ago.Last month on 19th I went to New Zealand for some business. This was the first time I was visiting there. I had a meeting fixed with a company on 21st.. Being new to this place I had already made an arrangements to stay. It was my cousin Shruti’s house. Shruti is my second cousin who is studying there for last almost 8 months. So I was bit relaxed, as there will be someone known at least. Shruti is very cute girl and very confident at the age of 19. Even being cousins we were not so close. I mean we rarely use to meet each other either on family marriages or functions.As decided over the phone, she was suppose to receive me on the airport at 8 A.M.. After crossing the immigration, my eyes were searching for her. And there she was. But to my surprise she was completely changed. The girl who always uses to wear salwar suits was standing in shorts and t-shirt. She welcome me with a warm hug.” Shruti you are looking great” I said. She just smiled and said, ” Welcome to New Zealand Dhruv”. We hired a cab and moved towards her house. As we reached she opened the locked door. It was a small beautifully decorated house with two rooms. She placed my baggage in a room and showed me the kitchen and said” Dhruv, you will have to help yourself today as I am in hurry. I have to get ready and reach college as I am already late.” . “Its fine with me, but what time will you be back?” I said. She replied ” I will be back by 4 PM but Sanjana will be here by 2PM “. ” Sanjana???? Who is she??” I asked. She said, ” Oh Sorry, I forgot to tell you. Sanjana is my housemate and also studying in the same college. She belongs to Noida. But dont worry, she knows that you are coming here and will stay with us for 4-5 days. She is comfortable with it”. I made a cup of coffee for myself by the time she was ready for college. She left saying bye and told me that Sanjana is a nice and friendly person. After having my coffee I changed my clothes. I was tiered so went to sleep.I woke up at around 2:30 and went to kitchen to have some water. As I entered the kitchen I noticed someone in the common room. I turned back and there was a beautiful girl sitting on the floor reading some magazine. She looked at me and smiled. “ Hi Dhruv, myself Sanjana.”. “ Hi…. How are you? Shruti told me about you.” I replied with a smile back. Sanjana, she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She was in her black short top and blue jeans. She asked me to make myself comfortable. I joined her on the floor. She kept her magazine and started asking about my business, friends, my hobbies, so on. Soon we were good friends. She was a very lively girl. She made tea for both of us. By the time we finished the tea, the main door opened. Shruti was back. She smiled and said “ Hmm….so you both liked each other’s company.” “ I hope you are comfortable here Dhuv “. “ Perfectly fine…your friend is cool” I said. We all decided to go out for food. From there we went out roaming here and there and finally reached back at night 10. Sanjana had an off next morning but Shruti had to leave by 8. So we all went to sleep. Sanjana and Shruti decided to sleep in one room and me in another. I was not sleepy so I asked Shruti for her laptop to check my mails. I went to my room and started surfing. After few minutes there was a knock at my door. I looked up to find Sanjana standing at the door in shorts and white loose t-shirt. OOOHHHH……She was looking HOT. I controlled myself, as she was my cousin’s friend. “ Can I join you Dhruv?” she said. “ Ofcourse, why not”. She came near and sat watching what I was surfing on the net. Thank god I wasn’t surfing any porn site. “What are you doing Dhruv?”. “Nothing just checking my mails” I said. “ Only mails… females???” she asked with a naughty smile. We both laughed. As she wasn’t comfortable looking at what I am doing she placed her on my shoulder to see. I just shivered. I could feel the softness of her fair skin on my neck. I looked at her…she was looking at the computer screen. I was getting out of control. I felt like holding her then and there. But was scared. Slowly I moved my elbow and placed it on her boob. Wow…so soft and round. She noticed that and smiled naughtily but said nothing. She started reading the mails in my inbox. I didn’t objected as I wanted her to read all that HOT mails which my girl friends had sent to me. By this time my dick started getting hard with the thought of her reaction. She was reading very carefully and every few seconds she will just give me a naughty look. Few minutes’ later after reading 5-6 mails she turned and faced towards me. “ So, you have many hot girlfriends around you.” I just smiled back and could see her face getting red. “ How about teaching me about sex as you do to your girl friends??? Hmm..” saying this she placed her hand on my dick over my shorts. I was shocked …….its been only few hours we know each other….She started rubbing my dick with her hands looking towards it. I was happy inside to get such a gorgeous girl. I placed my lips on her and gave her a nice smooch. She removed her top. She wasn’t wearing any bra. OMG….My dick erected like a pole to see those beautiful round fair boobs with light pink nipples. She held her boobs in both hands started playing with it. “ What do you say Dhruv?” “ You are a hot sexy bitch…” and saying this I just held her and started sucking her boobs. I was licking her all over. She started moaning. My hand was rubbing her pussy over shorts. Her shorts were wet by then. She was moaning loudly…suddenly she jumped over me and removed my t-shirt and started rubbing my chest. Slowly she moved down and removed my shorts with her teeth. Her touch was making me mad. She was saying nothing and was just busy playing with me as if she had never seen a man. She removed my shorts and now my dick was hanging in the air as if it was saluting this hot gorgeous bitch. She held it in her hand and put it in her mouth completely in just a second. She was behaving like a hungry whore. “ OHHhhh…Yessss….give me the best blowjob of my life Sanjana” I said…she said nothing but keep moving her head up and down up and down. She was moving her soft tongue all over my tool. After few seconds she left my tool and removed her shorts and panty. She then pulled me over her and said “ Dhruv, show me how strong you are…just let me feel that hot rod inside me.” I stood to get the condom out of my bag, which I always keep with me but she held my hand and said…”NO…I want to feel the real heat”. She pulled me towards her and parted her legs to give me the full view of her pink shaven pussy. I placed both my hands on her boobs sitting between her soft thighs and asked her to show my tool the way to heaven. She smiled and held my dick with her hand and placed it on her pussy hole. I didn’t moved so she started rubbing the head of my dick to her pussy. She was getting horny. She begged me to enter her. As she placed it again on her hole I entered her completely in one shot. Her mouth opened fully as if my dick head reached her throat. Her moans and sounds were off for few seconds till the time I didn’t took out my dick. Her legs were straight in air, eyes wide open, her hands on my bums scratching them with her nails in pain. I took it out half slowly and there was a loud moan. AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh………her eyes went close and she loosen her body. Before she could relax her body there I gave another hard stroke. AAAhhhhh OOOHhhhhhhhh….this time she was breathing hard. “ Yessssss….do it ……give me more of this…….Aaahhhhhh”. Now it was hard for me also to control. I started pumping her hard…in and out… and out….in and out…AAAAhhhhhhh Aahhh AAAAAA…..Harder and harder ……my speed was increasing on every stroke….She was moaning like a mad….And that goes the final stroke… was so hard and hot that she bend her body in U shape holding my back with legs in air. I shoot several shots of my hot cum inside her pussy… it took few seconds for both of us to relax our bodies.. She had a simultaneous orgasm…our cum was dripping out from her pussy all over the bed. We were unable to move for few minutes.Later she changed the bed sheet and said that she is leaving as Shruti might wake up. I didn’t want her to leave so requested her stay for few hours. She said that tomorrow we have whole day for us as Shruti will be in college and she has an off. And then she left.It was a great night for me in New Zealand with the best host of my life. Next day she gave me a shock of my life by telling me that she was the same Sanjana who was my net friend and had been in touch through emails since she had read my first story on HumanDigest. She also came to know when she got my email id that night.

Spying on sister

This happened when I just finished my schooling and was heading for my graduation. My sister is extremely good looking. My sister got married to Javed (a muslim guy) who is very handsome. Actually it was a love marriage. Initially my parents were against this marriage but later they accepted it. They stay in Delhi. That night, I was preparing for my exam and I was studying. It was about 10:30 pm and quite & calm outside. After a while, I heard some creaking noise from their bed room. I switched off the TV and sat quietly on the sofa next to their bedroom door. My Brother-in-law was making love to my sister (34-32-36 her stats). I quickly understood what was going on and thought of getting out of their privacy range. But, it was night and it was a small apartment there wasn’t any choice left. I slowly walked up to the wooden partition that was separating the bedroom from the hall and their love making sounds became quite clear now. Their bedroom was dark but the dim blue night lamp was good enough to see them.
His hands were stretched out over both her breasts. He began lifting up on the bottom of her bra, trying to pull it up. My sister reached around behind her back and unhooked it for him and it fell away in his hands. He looked at her full, soft breasts. Creamy white, firm with erect nipples. My sister bent over a little, her beautiful breast wavering only inches from his mouth. He instinctively licked his lips, then placed his mouth softly over her nipple and areola. My sister gasped lightly as he took it into his mouth. She placed her hand on the back of his head, holding his mouth against her bosom. Meanwhile, she continued to rub her crotch against the bulge in his pants. She was already so excited and her clitoris swollen from rubbing against his erection.
As he suckled liked an infant, his right hand moved slowly from her other breast toward the elastic of her sweats. He moved it gently over the soft bulge between her legs. He pressed a little harder, which solicited a gasp from My sister’s mouth. He pulled his hand back and slid it into her sweats, but over the silky softness of her panties. He stroked her for many minutes, at the same time switching his mouth back and forth between her breasts. Finally, he pulled his hand back and slid it into her underwear. He had no trouble sliding two fingers into the mouth of her vagina.
“Oh Bhagwan (God).” she moaned in a whisper.
He worked his fingers slowly back and forth into her vagina, each time he penetrated deeper. My sister arched herself back away from him, allowing him to pull down her sweats and panties all at once. She then twisted around on the bed, slipping out of the remainder of her clothes. She lay facing him, naked. His shirt was partly unbuttoned; a situation which she soon remedied. He pulled her bare breasts against his chest and he began to kiss her passionately. Their tongues were clashing and their hands were moving furiously through each other’s hair. He pushed her to her back and she wrapped her legs around his hips. He rubbed the bulge in his pants against her like he was already deep inside her. My sister was being overwhelmed by the speed and force with which he was grinding against her and she suddenly exploded in tremendous waves of pleasure.
“Oh oh oh, oh God… I’m… ooooh… I’m coming!” she cried in his ear. Her hips and ass thrust about wildly as he pressed into her with all his energy.
After a few seconds, the heat was flushed out of her system and she collapsed for a few minutes. He slid off of her and lay his head on her breasts, gently suckling like he had been before he became so aggressive.
My sister ran her fingers softly through his unruly brown hair. He turned from her bosoms to look into her eyes.
He smiled back and kissed her softly on the lips. He moved down and softly nuzzled her breasts before continuing his downward journey. His mouth slipped past her navel and began to kiss the top part of her soft, brown, pubic triangle. She spread her legs slowly as his mouth moved down completely over her wet mound of Venus. The tip of his tongue slid down partway into the cleft of her labia at the top. She shuddered as it darted around her clitoris. He wrapped his arms under and then over her thighs, which helped her hold her legs apart. He slid his tongue down all the way to her inner labia, sliding it gently into her vagina. His lips came to press fully against her genitals, his tongue at least two inches inside of her. My sister was rolling her hips and ass as well as arching her back and head, as she moaned his name softly.
As My sister ran her fingers over his head, holding it between her legs, he pulled one hand back and slid one finger deep into her vagina. He pulled it out a few seconds later and slowly, but in time to his licking, began to move that finger back and forth into her anus. My sister felt electricity shoot up her spine as he touched this forbidden part of her anatomy. After a short time, his finger was all the way up inside her rectum, moving in time to the massaging movements of his tongue and mouth on her genitals. She felt the pressure of another orgasm building within her loins. Slowly she rocked her hips, keeping her actions as tender as possible.
“Oh, oh, please… ” She cried, softly. “Oh, oh, yes… ” She fell into a short sleep.
The erection in his pants was straining. They lay together, letting their passions cool again. She had her head on his chest and was gently stroking his erection through his pants. She unbuttoned his pant and slid down the zipper. He lifted his hips and she pulled them off. The bulge in his underwear excited her again. She rubbed the cotton cloth of his briefs before she reached her fingers under the elastic and pulled them down past his socked feet. She lay beside him. He began to suck her breast again as she wrapped her hand around the length of his circumcised penis of about 9 inches long and 3 inches thick and started to stroke it back and forth. She pulled away from his mouth as she moved hers down toward the head of his erection. Gently she took it into her mouth. She wrapped a hand around the base of his penis and lightly squeezed. His head became swollen and then she took it into her mouth again, this time she took it all the way to her throat.
On the other hand I realized that I was sweating lightly on the forehead and my palms have become hot and my legs were shivering…I was horny by then curiously watching live sex.
“Uh… ohhh, Darling… ohhhh. Honey… ohhh… that feels so wonderful… ” he moaned softly to her. She moved her mouth up and down on his erection. She began to quicken the pace. He was tightening his hip, buttock, and thigh muscles as she sucked on him. His breathing was becoming more rapid.
“Darling… I… I’m going to… uh!” he called tenderly. “It’s too much… uh. I’ve never been this far… you’d better… uh… stop… or I’ll… uh… OH!” It was too late, he began to come. His hips and thighs shook as the semen rose in his genitals and his prostate gland tightened. Then he was throbbing. My sister let his organ slip out of her mouth as the first wave came… a hot white gush of sperm ejaculated onto her cheek before she could get it back in her mouth, then she began bobbing her head up and down. Five more loads squirted from his erection before his supply was depleted, though it continued to throb for several dozen more times. She swallowed all that came into her mouth, ignorant of everything but the passion his climax made her feel.
“Oh Darling… ” He was crying. She climbed up and wrapped herself around him and caressed him.
He stood up and went across to where My sister had thrown his pants. She rolled slowly onto her back with him riding her. His erection seemed to naturally slip into her vagina. My sister spawled herself out as he slid his hands under and over her shoulders to hold more firmly onto her. He slowly pushed himself into her mound, stopping every so often to pull back and then thrust deeper into her again. Soon he was moving rythmically back and forth inside of her.
“Ohhhh….uhhhhh… you’re so wonderful… ” she moaned, caressing his back with her hands.
Their mouths were locked in a passionate kiss, her tongue darting in and around his mouth. His chest was pressing against her breasts, flattening them against her chest. She continued to raise her hips against him whenever he would thrust into her. Finally, one time, her struck her cervix lightly and she gasped in pleasure. She felt another powerful orgasm coming on.
My sister was the first to achieve a orgasm. He was hitting her cervix frequently now and she was trying to hold back the screams of pleasure. Her legs wrapped around him as she began to squeeze his body, but then they unwrapped so she could lift her hips and buttocks up against him. She was pounding against his strength.
“Oh, Bhagwan!” She cried as gently as possible. “I’m coming… I’m coming… ohhh… uhhhhh… please… yes… ”
He could feel her vagina contracting against his penis. Her tightening body and passionate words made him need to thrust only a few more times.
“Urrr… uhh! Oh, Darling… Darling!” Again, hoarse whispers of passion as he reached his second orgasm of the night “Oh Darling… I… I… ” The hot semen and sperm gushed out of the head of his prick into the her choot. ” Darling. I LOVE YOU!” he cried and continued thrusting as the last few drops of his passion spurted into the choot. He then slowly lay himself against her, where he held her for a few seconds in a kiss, then he withdrew his penis from her mound and lay gently at her side. “I love you too, she said to him softly as they both fell asleep in each other’s arms…

My Sexperience with Sumaira

Hi to all Human Digest readers, especially those sexy n cute girls who regularly read these stories. I am also regular reader of such hot stories. I really love to read about sexperiences and I have read almost all the stories on this site. I think this is the best place to express one’s feelings and experiences of sex. Now I am going to share my Sexperience with you . Its with a Sexy girl in my friend’s neighbour in Karachi.Let me describe myself. I’m Sam from Islamabad, Pakistan. 31 yrs old. 5 feet 6 inches tall with average body with a smiling face, attractive eyes, and fair complexion. This incident happend to me last year. I have a fast friend named Saleem in Karachi who called me to join his Elder Brother’s wedding which I accepted. On April 16, I left for Karachi and reached by next Afternoon. He was so happy to see me. In the afternoon we had a good Dholak Party at his roof top where I saw a 25 yrs. old Beautiful n Sexy girl who was leading a group of young girls. I loved to watch her jiggling boobs while she was clapping. Oooh they were so eye-catching n fascinating. For many times she followed my eyes and tried to cover her boobs with her dupatta. After 2′O clock at mid-night when we all got tired of singing everybody decided to have tea. During the tea session my friend Saleem asked me about my life and other things. Then he asked me that as I have a good medical knowledge, so he wants to show me his Reports which he took for his Kidney Stone and I said OK. At 3′O clock he told me that as his house doesn’t have enough rooms where everybody can stay, so I have to sleep at neighbours’ house. And so he guided me there and to my surprise that Sexy lady also followed us and I knew that was a member of that house too.
As I was so tired at that time, so I couldn’t remember whatever I’ve done after entering that room and I fell into a deep sleep soon. Next morning at 10′O clock a boy aroud age of 14 came to me and asked me if I wanna have my breakfast here? Which I politely refused by saying that I’ll take it at Saleem’s home. Soon as I left for Saleem’s house, I asked him about that Girl and he said “Abay bhai, woh shadi shuda hay, Hyderabad main rehti hay, aaj kal apnay parents se milnay aai hay”. Oh, thats bad yaar. But still I really wanted to have that girl because of her looks and stunning figure. In the afternoon that girl came to Saleem’s house and asked him to take her mom with him for shopping.
Meanwhile, I was staring at her boobs and she followed my eyes again, gave me a smile and said “Aap nahi jaen gey bazaar”. I said, “Nahi main Islamabad se sab shopping kar ke aya hoon”. She smiled and left. That was our first dialogue. After 1 hour Saleem left for Shopping and that girl came again with some Files in her hand. Everybody there was busy for the Mehndi preparation for Next day and I was sitting on the sofa, reading a book. She came to me and introduced herself that she is SUMAIRA. She wanted to show me her few reports (as she heard last night). She told me that though she is married for 4 years but still doesn’t have a child, and these reports belong to her and her husband, which I saw were not satisfactory. I told her that I’ll talk to her after the Singing Session at night, which she agreed. At 2:30 mid-night I left for her home to have a sleep. She was the one who opend the door and followed me to the room. Soon as I enterd into the room she started asking me about those reports anxiously.
We both sat on the bed side-by-side. I collected my courage and started asking few questions, which she replied blushingly. I asked her “One week main kitni baar kartay hain aap lo”. She said “kabhi 2 baar kabhi 1 baar. Then I asked “Aap ko maza ata hay?”. She said with a blush, that “Pata hi nahi chalta, bas thhora sa feel hota hay aor wo farigh ho jatay hain”. So, I winded-up the discussion by saying that I wanna sleep and will tell her about how to Cure it, tomorrow.
Next day was for Mehndi and there was hussle and bussle at Saleem’s house so I decided to stay at Sumaira’s place. Soon as that young boy came again, I told him that I’ll not take breakfast today, and he left. I started thinking about Sumaira and had a hot masturbation at that time. I don’t know when I again fall in a deep sleep.
It was semi-dark in the room because of heavy curtains and I couldn’t judge the time when I heard laughing of Sumaira and someone else who could be her husband. As maybe they though that I’ve already left for Saleem’s house, so they didn’t take notice of my presence on that large bed under the sheet. Then I heard sexy moaning of Sumaira “Mmmmm… Nahi karo na please” which made me excited to peep from under the sheet. I saw Sumaira and her husband standing near the bed and her husband was holding her shoulders, kissing on her lips, cheeks, neck. After few minutes Sumaira got aroused and sat on the edge of bed. She took off her husband’s Shalwar and took his semi-errect tool in her hands. Started kissing and pumping it. After quite a time it couldn’t get hard and Sumaira started moaning again “ohhhhhhhh Khalid… iss ko khara karo naa please… jaldi … mujhay kuchh ho raha hay”. Khalid looked like helpless. And at that time I got the answer of “Maza kyoon nahi aata”. Khalid took Sumaira in his arms and they both almost fallen down on the Carpet.
I though couldn’t see them, but heard few moanings of Sumaira like “mmmmm …. hhhhhhhh…. mmmm … oooohhhhh” and after after 2-3 minutes I heard “ufffffffffffffffff” which was telling me that Khalid came after few strokes. He stood up. Wearing back his shalwar and told Sumaira that “Jaan main Hyderabad se travel kar ke aya hoon iss leay aaj maza nahi aa saka”. he gave a long kiss on Sumaira’s soft lips. And soon as he left Sumaira locked the door and entered into the attached bathroom. I wished to grab her from behind and tell her that “Maza kaise ata hay”. But I couldn’t do it because of my best friend Saleem’s reputation.
But how could I control it when I saw Sumaira coming out of bathroom. Wearing her shalwar and nothing but her skin-colored bra. At that time I saw her 36D-28-36 figure. Her boobs were jiggling while she was walking towards the bed and felt pain on my 7 Inch Penis because of full errection. Water was still dripping from her shoulder-cut hair on her slender pinkish-white body and she sat on the side of bed. Started rubbing her hair with towel.
Her back was few feet away from me. I couldn’t control myself at that time and slowly started moving my hand to open her bra from behind. But suddenly she stood up and took her Shalwar off. She started rubbing her pussy with left hand. And fallen on the bed. I could hear her moaning “Mmmm … Khalid … kya ho jata hay tumhain … mujhay boht sa maza kab aey gaaaa …. aaaaahhhhhhh ….. ohhhhhhhh Khalid …. ohhhh Khalid …. Khhhhhh …. aaaaahhhhh”. And I finally came out of my sheet and put my hand on her pussy. She got astonished. Her eyes opened widely. She tried to scream but I firmly put my hand on her mouth and quickly removed my pajamas. She tried to free herself, but I never let her move an inch. I knew that she is having a wet pussy at that time. So I aimed my 7 Inch rock hard Dick towards her pussy and pushed it hard in her wet but tight pussy.
She was trying to get rid of it. But I started to give her heavy jerks. After 5 minutes’ struggle she finally started to help me by moving her butts up and down. Her eyes were closed now. I took my hand off from her mouth and heard her moaning. “Aaaahhhhhh … kya kar rahay ho …. ufffff …. mmmmmm mujhay kya kar diaaaaaaaaaaaa …. haaaaaahhhhhhhh “. I started sucking her erect nipples and her moaning became louder. “Ohhhhhhh maaaaaa … Mmmmmmmmm …. janooooooooo ….. zor se … aor zor se”. I really got mad on hearing her sexy moaning. She was gripping my butts tightly with her hands and saying “uffffffffffff…. tum jaldi nahi anaaaaaaa…… ohhhhhhhhh jaaaaannnnn”. I started to give her more and more pleasure by licking and sucking her erect nipples and rubbing them with my both hands. She was on the height of pleasure and started moving fastly “Ohhhhhh Saaaammmmm … mujhay kuchh ho raha hay ….. aaaahhhhh …. kya karoon …. “. And I knew that she was going to have her First cum of life. I told her “mazay ley lo meri jaan … mere lund ke mazay le lo …. apni choot main dabaa lo iss ko …. andar tak kheech lo iss ko”. And she got mad. “Ufffffffff…. mazaaaaaaaaa …. aaahhhhhhh Sammmmmm ….. Kya mazaaaaaaaa dey diaaaaaaaaaa … mujhaaayyyyyyy”. I heard these moanings for next 30 minutes and meanwhile I felt that she already poured her hot pussy juice over my Dick for Three times.
Fucking her hot and tight pussy was a pleasure of life-time. Kissing and rubbing her sleek body made me cum too. I tried to take my Dick out of her pussy, but she grabbed my butts tightly. “Nahi naaaaaaaa … mujhay apni malai dey do ….. mmmmm …. garam garam si malai mere andar bhar do … ohhhhhhhh …. aa jaoooooo naaaaaaaaa … Sammmmmmm … Aaaaahhhhh” And I gave her a heavy jerk and penetrated my all 7 Inches Dick deep into her pussy to give her my “Malai” with jerk after jark. She hugged me and started kissing me madly. She was smiling with pleasure.
We kept laying there for next 15 minutes hugging each other. Then we took shower togather and she was still shy and didn’t have eye contact with me, blushingly. She told me that she never thought if she’ll have that fun in her life. After Mehndi Night we had it again in the same room. I was thinking and so asked her that why her husband didn’t ask her for lovemaking tonight. She started laughing and said “Main ne un se subha keh dia ke mujhay early menses aa gaey hain. So woh apna kaam khatam kar ke wapis Hyderabad chaley gaey hain”.
I stayed there for next 1 week and we had that pleasure almost every Morning and Night. I fucked her in almost all possible positions. Now after coming back to Islamabad, I receive her regular calls. Telling me that how much pleasure she had from me. She is still insisting me to come again to Karachi so that she will make a program to stay at her mother’s home and will have that immense pleasure again with me.

Fucking Tuition Boys Mother

Hello friends this is Varun from Hyderabad, India with an incident happened last year.I have started taking tuitions as a part time for the pocket money. And I have 3 students in my class. All started before the tuitions, an family has shifted In to our colony with 2 kids of age around 7yr old boy and 6yr old girl. Their father runs a Tiffin centre at the near by place. I was interested in their mother (Mrs. Sharma) was very fair and sexy even after 7yr of marriage life. I actually got attracted towards her height. (I have fantasy for the girls who are tall) so she came to know that I handle tuitions so she asked me to take tuitions for her children. The kind of sari she ware was so mind-blowing that the pallu was always transparent through which I can see her blouse and the hooks clearly.
One day when I was giving the feedback of her children that day she wore a red sari (my favorite color) with transparent pallu as usually but this time she did not ware her bar so I could see her nipples clearly, which she noticed and she broke the conversation and left. I thought she did not like it and now she won’t be sending her children to the tuition anymore. So next day I waited for the students as usually and to my surprise students came to the tuition and invited me to the boys birthday party and the boy said that his mother has ask me to come to the party, I was shocked to hear that and I wore my best dress and went to the party around 8pm. But actually the party has begun around 7:30pm and I was late for the best gift for the boy. I rang the bell and Mrs. Sharma responded to the bell. My eyes and mouth was wide opened to see her with a pink sari in which she looked like sex goddess. She received me with a smile and welcomed me in. And introduced me to rest of her family. I wished the boy and went and sat near by chair, Mr. Sharma came and sat near me and said that his children have improved a lot under my guidance and appreciated me and left to meet the other guest’s later Mrs. Sharma came to me with a plate of cake and drink. And she started chatting normally as nothing happened. And at the end of the party while I was leaving she came behind me as bayed me good bye and she said that she noticed me was I was looking for the previous day and she went away.
That night I was unable to sleep properly thinking about her words. So next day when students came I gave my mobile no. in his book and ask him to tell his mother that if she has any feedback she can call on this no. and to my surprise I got a call from her that night only saying that her child got good marks in the test. And our chatting continued, in the middle of our chat I asked her what did she mean by the sentence she said last night, there was silence for a second and she said that she knows what I was looking for, I said what?? She said that “young boys like me look fora sex experience at this age and you also were looking for that” am I correct? I boldly replied yes and asked if I can have a experience for which she said YES. I was like in the 7th heaven, so we planned a day so I bunked the college and went to her house.
I rang the bell and she was wearing the same red sari with the transparent pallu. She made me to sit on the sofa and she brought me a glass of water I took the glass, while I was drinking I was looking at her pallu which she noticed and gave a smile and said not to get so hurry as there is lotof time for the game to begun. But I did not listen to her and I threw some water left in the glass on her chest which became wet and got stick to her chest, she was surprised but she liked the cold water on her body. She said that she will change her sari and come and went inside thebedroom, I slowly followed her and peeked in the room, she first removed her sari, she was not wearing any petticoat inside, and unhooked her blouse buttons and removed her blouse, and she was not wearing the bra also. So I slowly grabbed her from behind and I covered her boobs with my hand and we both fell on the bed. She laughed and turned me and hugged me tightly. I planted a kiss on her lips and she responded me well and I kissed her neck earlobes to make her hot. Then I shifted towards bottom and started sucking her boobs, I like big boobs and her boobs were sexy to suck. She was moaning and held me tightly to her boobs. She was trying to remove my t-shirt so I helped her and I also removed my jeans and was on my brief. Then I again started kissing her and sucking her and went down and removed her panty with my mouth, her panty also smelled good and her pussy was completely shaved. And I sucked her pussy for some time and she got up and removed my brief with her mouth and my 6” cock came out saluting her and she immediately took it in her mouth and started giving blowjobs. I came in her mouth with out telling her and she accepted it and then cleaned my cock neatly. Then it was the turn of the final round that is fucking…… I asked her in which manner she wants, so she got up and she was on top of me. And sat on my belly and took my cock and placed on the opening of her pussy and pushed her down, as she was mother of 2 there was no problem in penetrating the cock in, so I also lifted my hip up and down to make it rhythmic and she closed her eyes and I grabbed her boobs, she was enjoying the ride as her husband never allow her to ride and they have sex once in 2 weeks and she was found of sex very much. So she enjoyed getting fucked and after fucking for 20-30 mins I said that I was about to come and she got up and took it in her mouth and drank the whole semen and made my cock dry. This continued for few days only as there were some differences between me and her about the studies of her children and this separated me and her forever, any ways they shifted to their own house. But I miss her as she was a sex goddess and her husband was lucky to get her virginity (or might be not). So this was my latest sex experience.

Desi Wife Discovers Lesbian Love

Always, in the evening, I love to hold my beautiful Indian wife Anita in my arms and gently caress her soft and smooth body. She is 34 years old and very feminine. Her body is naturally curvaceous - with generous breasts and nicely rounded arse. But she looks after herself, exercising regularly and keeping her stomach nice and flat and her legs well-toned. Her hair is deep black and her skin dusky - its richness set off by her red lipstick and the golden bangles and necklaces she loves to wear. Oh yes, her perfume is always noticeable. In short, she is striking indeed and always turns heads. She is also very sensuous and more than satisfies my needs. He cunt is shaven smooth and always open to me - and invariably wet. What more could a man ask? Well, I was now about to discover that there was more!One evening as we lay together Anita reached for my cock and began to gently and seductively stroke it. But there is something different about her, an air of nervous excitement. She leans across to kiss me, her soft breasts sliding across my chest. As she does so she holds my gaze. ‘Darling,’ she says, ‘I have a confession to make, I need to tell you something. Something happened while you were at work today. Your Indian woman had an adventure. I’m a little nervous telling you. But I don’t want any secrets between us. I think you can handle it - can’t you?’ ‘Go ahead, I reply, you know I support you in whatever you do.’‘Well, she continued, you know Mrs Kumila across the road? ‘ I did. She was a well-built woman in her late 50s who had stopped and chatted to us when we first arrived in the neighbourhood. Her appearance was arresting: thick black hair, large, buxom, breasts, and wide hips. Her husband was a wealthy businessman who spent a lot of time away from the home. She didn’t seem to mind, she was one of those self-sufficient women who busied herself with not very much. ‘Well, I passed her in the street today. We chatted and she invited me over for some afternoon tea. Come any time she said, the later the better.It was about 5.00pm when I knocked on the door, to be admitted by a pretty oriental maid. She told me to go upstairs. Madam was just getting ready and had given her instructions to send me up. The maid smiled bashfully as she said this - sweetly I thought. I ascended the stairs and finding the door to what I thought must be the bedroom ajar gently knocked and entered.The air was humid from the effects of a shower, and Mrs Kumila entered from her shower room wrapped in a large red towel. It had to be large, for as you know she is a large woman! She came up to me enthusiastically and kissed me on the cheek. ‘I’m so glad you could come, I’m just getting ready from my shower, do come and keep me company. She took my hand and led me across to the dressing table, where she sat before a large mirror.She began to do her make-up, putting a luscious red lipstick and combing her long black hair. She is a handsome woman, and I found myself watching her closely. Every so often she fixed her gaze on mine in the mirror. I noticed that she had hair under her armpits. I found the sight strangely arousing. Normally women are smooth, but the sight of this hair under Mrs Kumila’s arms was intriguing - speaking of earthy and elemental passions. She began to apply lotion to her shoulders and arms. Be a sweetie, she said, and rub some of this lotion on my back.I was nervous. The thought of touching this woman’s naked skin was bad enough, but she was observing me very closely in the mirror. Her skin was soft and smooth. The sensations I felt were electric. This act of massaging a woman’s back was deeply erotic and I responded by backing my massage as slow and sensual as I could, kneading her shoulders with both my hands and easing the tensions in her neck muscles.Mrs Kumila lent back against me and rolled her head from side to side. ‘Ah, this feels so good Anita. You are doing such a good job, you are getting rid of all that stress.’ She lifted her right hand and placed it on my left, squeezing it. ‘Thank you, my dear, auntie really appreciates what you’re doing.’ I flushed and stammered back ‘Oh, that’s ok. I’m glad to be of useâ?¦’ My hand pushed down towards the edge of the towel wrapped around her.‘Here,’ she said, ‘let me help you’ and with that she unravelled the towel and let it slide of her shoulders down to her waist. Her bare back was now exposed. But that is not what caught my eye. Rather, my gaze was drawn to her large dark and heavy breasts that were now clearly visible in the mirror. They were the biggest breasts I’d ever seen, and they swung to and fro to the rhythm of my massage.Again Mrs Kumila saw my intense look and smiled seductively. ‘Here, give me some of that cream.’ She began to massage the oil into her large mature breasts, rolling them in her hands, feeling the contours, and giving special attention to the hard nipples. ‘You can see, dear, why your auntie’s shoulders ache. It is from carrying around these large objects. I sometimes envy you smaller breasted women; you don’t have this extra weight to deal with. But then, they’ve brought me much pleasure over the years. Men love them, and my husband still goes crazy over my breasts. But its not men only who love them.’At this she lent back against me and I stopped massaging her shoulders, simply resting my hands either side of my neck. ‘Women do too. You’d be surprised how often I see women gazing longingly at my bust. And you’d be surprised at the women too - respectable women, married women, high-caste women. And you know, Anita, I love to catch them looking. It excites me to know that they want me, that they want to fondle my breasts.’ She took my hand again and this time led me round before her. ‘For you see, Anita, that a woman’s touch is special. It’s gentler, more sensitive, more patient than a man’s. In fact, I prefer it to a man’s. Yes, I like it when my husband fucks me with his hard cock, but it’s a woman’s touch that I crave. Its women I love and need.’‘Have you met a lesbian before, Anita?’ I shook my head, startled by the question. ‘You probably have - there are more women who have lesbian desires than you can imagine. Well, I am a lesbian. I hope that doesn’t upset you’ - at this she raised my hand to her lips and kissed it. ‘Most women have lesbian desires at some time. Most women find other women attractive.’ She stood up now, the towel falling completely away to reveal her voluptuous body. ‘Do you like what you see, Anita? Does it, I wonder, turn you on?’I was shaking violently now, with a mixture of fear and desire. What was this woman doing to me! I had entered her house with no thought of sex, and now I was before her glorious naked body, unable to move or speak. ‘I think I do turn you on. Don’t worry, Anita, many married women have reacted like you, frightened to explore their desires for another woman. When they yielded to me they didn’t regret it.’ She raised her hand and placed it around the back of my neck. ‘Come to auntie, I’ve got what you need.’She pulled me forward. Her breasts were only inches away. We were both breathing heavily. ‘Go on touch me, Anita, feel the weight of my heavy breasts. I’d love you to my dear.’ She closed her eyes and raised her arms above her head. Her breasts were thrust out, dominating my gaze. I reached out tentatively, curious for my first touch of a woman. I gently passed my hands across the soft orbs of her flesh, before taking the weight of each in the palms of my hands and beginning to massage them. ‘That’s it darling, love auntie’s breasts. Explore them. They’re yours. Play with them. Oh darling, come here.’She took me in her arms and pressed my mouth to hers. I didn’t resist. We began to kiss passionately, because I was on fire now too. She tasted delicious and her tongue was soon pushing deep inside my mouth. She was unlocking something in me darling - something that has been dormant in me for many years. ‘Yes, auntie, yes, I’ve gazed at your beasts, I’ve fantasised about your voluptuous body. Teach me how to love a woman, take my lesbian virginity. I’m yours, I’m yours’She stepped away from me now with a seductive smile and walked slowly towards the bed, climbing onto it and leaning back against the sumptuous cushions. Her large breasts hung naturally on either side of her body and she parted her legs, to reveal the thick black hair of her cunt. She stroked herself with her fingers. ‘Ummm Anita, you’ve got me nice and wet. Why don’t you take off those clothes? Let Auntie see that sexy body, that body that drives your lover wild.’Nervous still, I pulled off my T-shirt and slid down my jeans, leaving only my underwear. ‘That’s it my darling. Now remove your bra and panties - I want to see all of you.’ I did as I was told and was soon naked before this woman. ‘Beautiful, beautiful. Now come here my sweet, come to auntie’s arms.’I clambered onto the bed and crawled into her welcoming embrace. She smothered me in her voluptuous form, pulling me against her big breasts and enveloping me with her soft thighs. Her hand stroked my back as she kissed me lovingly and deeply. ‘God, you’ve made auntie so hot. I love your young slim body. I want to make love to every inch of you. I want to show you what a woman’s tongue can do.’ I lowered my mouth to hers again and our sensuous kissing continued.Oh Jon, i’ve never been kissed like that before, she was so gentle and tender, she knew my needs so well honey. And the feeling of our breasts pressing together, my nipples in her yielding flesh, was about as much as I could bear. As we kissed her hand rested on my arse and firmly squeezed my arse-cheek. I could feel her finger nail begin to stroke my anus. I groaned, pushing back my arse to meet her finger. She took the hint and pressed her finger into my arse hole.‘Urgghh, yes, auntie, I love this, I love what your doing to me, don’t stop - please!’ She pushed her finger deeper and deeper into me until she was fully accommodated. At first she did not move, content to enjoy the hot wet pressure of my arse hole, but then she began a slight motion, easing her finger back and forth, driving me to the limit of my pleasure. ‘Oh my Anita, you are so wet aren’t you? Your arse is so full of love juice for me. I love it baby - I want to eat your arse, I want to suck out your juice. Would you like that baby? Would you?’ ‘God yes, auntie, I want it so much. I want you to eat out my arse, to taste my juices. I want you to take all of me.’ ‘Oh yes, my sweet, all in good time. Auntie will give you all you ever wanted - more than any man can give you. Now come my love, let auntie Kumila have access to what she craves - your hot little pussy.’At this point she slid down the bed a little and at the same time pulled me up towards her, pushing me forward till my hands were gripping the headboard and my cunt was directly over her face. ‘That’s it darling, feed me your sexy shaven cunt, let me eat your womanhood.’ Her tongue began to slide its way over my outer cunt lips, flicking hungrily against the soft exposed flesh.As a woman she knew just how to please me, honing in on my clit, probing it with her tongue and gently sucking and teasing it, encouraging it to grow from her ministrations. I began to grind my cunt against her face, clutching the bed head for support. ‘Yes, auntie, yes, love my cunt. Give me your woman’s love. Ummm, I love what you’re doing to me, i’ve needed this for so long - this is what i’ve wanted. Oh auntie your making me so wet, uh, uh, oh yes…urgghh, yes auntie, yes, ahh, ahh…’Her tongue was now jabbing into me again and again, deep into my wet and open hole. Her hands were on my arse, squeezing the cheeks, pulling me open for her greedy mouth. My juices were flow flowing thick and fast and I was humping against this woman’s tongue, enjoying the sexual release she was giving me. My orgasm was building now and I began to scream out, arching my back as I gripped the headboard tightly.When my orgasm was spent I slumped forward, stunned - not only from its violence, but from the fact that I’d orgasmed from the touch and tongue of another woman. I rolled off Mrs Kumila’s face and lay on my back, panting for breath, my breasts heaving and my skin covered in a sheen of sweat. My hair too was wet with perspiration. I was and felt myself to be a totally wanton slut.I reached across to Mrs Kumila and softly squeezed her hand. She shifted herself onto her side, her heavy, ripe, body wonderful to behold. Our eyes met and I looked at her with tenderness and gratitude. ‘Thank you,’ I managed to say. ‘Thank you for the best orgasm of my life. I can’t believe I’m saying this - that I’d be thanking a woman for satisfying me like this. My darling auntie, how did you know - how did you know this was what I wanted?’Mrs Kumila reached across and gently stroked my damp forehead, pushing the hair from my eyes. ‘You don’t need to thank me my dear. The debt is all mine my sweet. I know an erotic woman when I meet one. I’ve loved and lusted after women for many years. I can sense from a woman’s reactions to my presence if she is open to the love of a woman - and believe me honey, most are.’As she said this her hand slowly wandered across my face, over my lips, down the side of my neck and to my right left nipple. She began to finger its hardness, making it erect. ‘For you see, Anita, I understand a woman’s needs, I know where to touch and suck, caress and massage. Most women find me a better lover than any man. They go home to their husbands, but they go home as lesbians.’Mrs Kumila leaned over to me now and began to kiss my stomach, making her way up to my breasts, her hand sliding up between my legs - which I opened to give her access to my pussy, hungry again for her ministrations. ‘Can you understand that Anita, can you understand women who want me for a lesbian lover, who resist their husbands and save themselves for me? Would you do that if I asked you? Would you give yourself to me Anita? Would you become my lesbian slut if I wanted you to?My cunt was speaking for me honey. I opened my thighs wider and wider, desperate to show her my love, to open for her touch. Her finger was teasing my clit, drawing it from its hood, stimulating it in ways I could never have imagined. I slid my fingers into Mrs Kumila’s hair and pulled her too me, clasping her so tight, loving her voluptuous form, the scent of her perfume, her intoxicating femininity. ‘Yes, auntie, yes, I admit it, I’ll do what you say. Yes, I’m a lesbian, your lesbian, and I’ll come to you whenever you say, whenever I can. I love you and I love what you’ve done to me and are making me. Use me how you wish - but please, darling, please love your Anita!’I couldn’t finish the sentence as Mrs Kumila’s red lips closed over mine while two of her fingers slid into my cunt. I was wet and slippery and she moved her fingers in and out with ease while her thumb continued to torment my clit. My juices were flowing thick and fast and Mrs Kumila eased her fingers out and raised them to my face.‘Here you are my love, breathe in the scent of a woman, the most arousing smell in the world.’ I smelt deeply my own juices, loving their pungent odour. ‘It’s good isn’t it my love? Now taste yourself for me.’ She lowered her fingers to my lips and, gazing all the while into her eyes, I slowly sucked her fingers into my mouth. This act of sucking my own feminine juices from the fingers of this lesbian while I gazed into her deep dark eyes was supremely erotic. I relished every heady drop. ‘That’s a good girl. You are going to learn to love the taste of pussy - I can tell your going to love eating my hairy cunt aren’t you? I can’t wait till your young lips are kissing my mature ripe pussy. But I think my love that today you’d like me to fuck you - to take your lesbian virginity. I think you’d like that, wouldn’t you my sweet?’To my disappointment Mrs Kumila slide off me and crawled across to the side of the large bed. She eased herself off and walked across to the bathroom. I watched longingly the swing of her ample hips and plump arse. As I lay on the bed I stroked my pussy, yearning for my lover to return. And then, looking up, I saw her at the door of the bathroom, she was leaning against the doorframe in a seductive pose, her hips jutting out. And there, strapped around her hips was a large black cock.As I looked at her she began to stroke it and then with oozing sensuality walked towards me. Her pendulous breasts swung as she walked, as did the shiny black cock. The sight of such a sexy woman sporting an erect cock was extraordinary. Id never seen such a big cock and to see it on a woman was too much.I rose to greet my lover as she clambered to kneel on the bed. I put my arm around her neck and began to kiss her with forceful passion. My right hand I lowered to the dildo, stroking it and feeling its dimension. ‘Oh yes, my auntie, you are so beautiful and your cock is making me so horny. I could never have imagined, it’s, it’s wonderful, a dream, take me now darling, I’m so wet and ready, fuck me honey with this cock - take my lesbian virginity, make me your slut!’ she pushed me back onto the bed and I opened my legs, pulling her towards me, into me. As she slid over me her big breasts dragged across my body, driving my cunt wild with desire.I was taking the initiative now, confident in my desire for this woman. I reached for the cock and placed it at my cunt lips. I nodded to Mrs Kumila that I was ready - ‘now, auntie, now, fill me up with your cock, fuck me, fuck your lesbian whore!’ She began to ease the cock in, deeper and deeper, filling me in ways that a man’s cock has ever done. When she was fully in me I groaned, closing my legs around her, gripping her so tight. We kissed again, knowing that we were consummating our relationship, our lesbian love.And so she began to fuck me. Fuck me as I’ve never been fucked before. And for longer than I’ve ever been fucked. For a time she played with me, varying the tempo, bringing me to the brink of orgasm before letting me down. Finally she thrust long and deep and continued to hump against me until I screamed with my climax. I was left breathing hard, my body a sweaty and trembling mess. But she didn’t stop. After giving me a moment to catch my breath she fucked me again with her gorgeous cock bringing me to orgasm after orgasm. Only after my fourth orgasm did she roll off my satiated body and onto her back, her black cock glistening with my juices.Her own dark skin was drenched in sweat and the smell was intoxicating. Tired though I was I crawled over to her and snuggled up to her generous form, resting my head on her breast. And so my dear we slept. Two Indian women. Two lovers. And yes, my dear, two lesbians.’With these words Anita tightened her grip on my already rock-hard penis. It is hard to describe the excitement I had experienced listening to her account of her passionate encounter with Mrs Kumila. I had never heard anything so erotic. My love and desire for my Indian wife had never been so intense. She looked up at me with her wide and dark eyes: ‘Jon, dear, I’m so confused. I love you very much - you must know that - and I love your cock and the way you make love to me. But I’m afraid that after today things have changed. I’ve discovered what I suppose I’d known, feared even, from my days as a girl. I’d always suspected that in might be a lesbian, that I might prefer women to men. I’ve tried to fight it baby, to be a good wife to you. But Mrs Kumila knew, baby, don’t ask me how, but she did. Today, Jon, she unlocked my hidden self, my true nature, and I can’t go back. I’m a lesbian. Your wife’s a lesbian. Can you handle that Jon?’The words were so intoxicating that my cock immediately grew to its full hardness in my wife’s small hand. She gazed directly into my eyes. ‘I think that might give me my answer. You’re turned on by it aren’t you? Tell me that you can handle it. That you are turned on by the fact that your wife lusts after other women. Am I right?’My mouth was dry with desire and though I nodded I found it hard to answer. ‘Tell me Jon. I want you to tell me how much you love the fact that I’m lesbian.’ She now began to stroke my raging hard-on and leant across to kiss me on the lips. ‘Tell me.’‘Of course, yes, yes. I’ve never been so turned on in my life as I am now. I can accept your lesbianism. I won’t divorce you - I want you to remain my wife always. And I’ll never stand in your way - you must explore your desires - here in our marital bed, with your friends, with Mrs Kumila, whatever you want my love - my beautiful and sweet wife.’ At this point my long delayed ejaculation burst forth and cum cascaded onto my stomach. ‘Umm, Jon, I love you. I think we are going to have a lot of fun, don’t you?’

Sonia getting plumbing help

The phone was ringing loudly as I struggled to unlock the door. Finally, the key slipped in, door opens, and I reached for the phone hanging on the wall. “Hello,” I said, trying to shut the door behind me. “Rakesh, this is Sonia.” I heard the soft voice answer. “Hey, Sonia. What can I do for you?” I ask, thinking about the caller. She was my buddy Satish’s fiancée, and an incredible looking woman. “Well, I need some help. Satish’s gone with his brothers to his village and I’ve got a sink leaking like a sieve. I’ve got the water shut off, but being the weekend, I can’t get a hold of a plumber. I wouldn’t bother you, but I’ve got my mother and sisters coming after three days, and I have to have water.” she explained, her voice practically pleading for assistance. “No problem, I’ll grab my tools and be over in about 20 minutes. Ok?” “That’d be great, Rakesh. I really appreciate this.” “Not to worry. See you then.” I answered, hanging up the phone. I was kind of irritated, mainly because I was looking forward to watching the cricket game tonite, but, duty calls. I grabbed my toolbox from the basement, and headed back out the door. As I drove over to Sonia’s, my mind wandered. I started thinking again how she looked, and why she was with Satish. Don’t get me wrong, Satish’s my friend, and a real good guy. But, he’s ambitious and would do any thing for a promotion and moving up the career ladder..She’s mentioned several times how she never gets ‘any’, and how Satish doesn’t even seem interested. Considering what she looks like, I can’t believe it’s a lack of interest, but an inability to perform. I mean, if I had something like Sonia next to me every nite, I’d be exhausted by morning. She has an incredible body, with nice, melon-sized breasts, curvaceous hips, and a beautiful heart-shaped ass. And her personality just completed the whole package. She was shy until she got to know you, but once she did, held nothing back. She could give as good as she got, and on several occasions had left me speechless, unable to answer for fear of incriminating myself. And the whole time, all she could do was smile. Ye! ah, she loved to flirt, and sexual innuendos were a big part of that flirting. As I pulled into the drive, I had to remind myself that I was involved, and she was engaged to my friend. So fantasizing was my only option. Or so I thought. I knocked on the screen door, and Sonia yelled “Come on in, Rakesh. I’m in the kitchen.” I opened the door and went in, straight toward the kitchen.As I looked thru the doorway from the living room, I could see Sonia, all bent over wiping water up with a towel. I stopped and stared, my mouth practically hanging open, admiring the view. Her white skirt was soaked, making them practically transparent. I could see her asscheeks clearly, as her underwear disappeared between them. Mesmerized, I stood there, not even recognizing that she was looking back at me from between her legs. I didn’t even hear what she was saying until she moved, breaking the spell. Well, up until she turned to face me. Her shirt was soaked also, and she wore no bra. I could tell because the shirt clung to the curves of her breasts, and her nipples pointed straight out, chilled from the water. I heard her speaking, but couldn’t tell what she was saying, as I watched her breasts sway as she moved to the coun! ter. Thank god she was looking down, so she didn’t notice me unconsciously licking my lips as I ogled her. As she looked up, I tore my gaze away from her charms, focusing on her face, trying to keep my hormones under control. She smiled at me, almost as if she knew what she was doing. My face grew red as I realized she’d caught me. “Well, Rakesh – what do you think. Should we just install a surround and make a pool out of it,” she said, her hands spreading outward, gesturing to the water that covered the floor. I quickly glanced down, as her movement displayed her chest even more prominently. I looked over the floor, covered with about a half inch of water, towels placed in the doorways to prevent it seeping outside the room. Smiling, I looked up at her, making contact with her pretty brown eyes.“Let’s just see what we can do about it first.” I said, moving toward the sink. “Thanks for coming out, Rakesh. I have no clue what to do,” she said, that frustration beginning to creep back into her voice. “Well, first, you need to go change. You’re soaked, and I’m betting a little chilly. Let me get over here and see what needs to be done.” I set my toolbox down on the counter, and leaned down to look under the counter. She moved next to me, leaning down and looking too. I could smell her perfume, its scent filling my nostrils. I knew I was in trouble, and would get nothing fixed if she didn’t go. Nothing was said for several minutes, as I continued to look, even though I already knew what the problem was. Simple enough, really. The rubber water line had split, and needed to be changed. But I needed the extra time to relax and settle my hormones. She was really getting to me. Or more appropriately, to my groin. Finally, I straightened, and immediately moved closer to the counter, pressing my waist forward, hiding my growing erection. I pretended to look at the faucet, as she stepped back to give me some room.Without looking at her, I spoke. “Well, doesn’t look to serious. It’s! just a cracked water line. Faucet looks fine. Tell you what; you go change, I’ll take care of this. We’ll have you back high and dry in no time.” I smiled at her as I finished, still leaning over the counter, covering my excitement. “You don’t need any help? I don’t know much, but I could hold something, or hand you your tools,” she answered, flashing a mischievous grin. “Trust me – I’ve got it under control. You can be more help if you just go change. You’ve got to be chilly. And it wouldn’t do you any good to catch cold this close to your wedding.” I said quickly, trying to sound nonchalant. I turned toward my toolbox, my back to her, and fished through it, fumbling for my pipewrench. She turned away, moving toward the hallway. “Ok, but if you need anything, just shout for me. I’m gonna go dry off, change, and I’ll be back.” After she’d left the room, I relaxed a bit. Leaning against the counter, I took slow breaths, trying to calm myself. My thoughts wondered back a few minutes. Sonia, standing there, bent over, her ass covered by barely a wisp of clothing. Then her breasts, full and rounded, nipples erect. I shook my head, clearing the images of her. Time to get to work.I had the faucet line off in a matter of seconds. I inspected it, turning it over, looking for signs of wear. It looked to be a new line, and in good shape, except for the clean slice in it. ‘Oh, well,’ I thought, ‘I’m sure Satish’s got a replacement in the garage.’ I went out and after just a few minutes, found a brand new line under his workbench. ‘Satish the packrat’, I thought.’ ‘Good man.’ Satish was a packrat, kept everything, but kept it all neat too. “Boy definitely spends too much time in the garage,” I laughed as I headed back in. I slipped the new line on, grabbed the wet/dry vacuum from the garage, and sucked up all the water on the kitchen floor. After taking the vacuum back, and drying up the moisture from the rest of the countertop, I was ready to turn the water back on. “Sonia, I’m going out to turn the water back on. Can you come in and watch for any leaks?” I yelled down the hallway towards her closed bedroom door. “Be right there, Rakesh. Just one sec,” she answered. I waited by the door, and, true to her word, it was just a few seconds. She came into the kitchen wearing a short white bathrobe, a towel wrapped around her head.She smiled, then done a quick spin. “Better,” she asked. I started to say no, but thought better of it. I answered, simply saying “Definitely drier, I’ll bet.” She giggled, then kneeled down to look under the counter, checking my work. “Just keep and eye on the line, and when I turn the water on, if it’s leaking, yell so we don’t have a mess again. Got it?” I asked. “Got it.” I went outside, turned the main line on, and waited. After a few seconds of not hearing anything, I went back in, wondering if it was leaking. As I entered the kitchen, I got the shock of my life! Sonia was kneeled down in front of the sink cabinet, ass high in the air, looking underneath. Her short robe had ridden up on her hips, exposing her beautiful ass and hairy swollen fat pussy to me. I said nothing, just stood there, staring, my mouth hanging open. I could feel my cock begin to harden, as she shifted before me. Suddenly, she glanced back, and a smile crossed her lips. She wiggled her ass just a bit as she popped up, turning to face me. Her robe was fully open now, her firm breasts and still erect nipples fully exposed.Her hairy pussy was damp, the lips engorged and full. I realized as I leered at her that I was holding my breath, waiting for her reaction. “No leak, Rakesh. Looks like you fixed it. But I think I’ve got another leak that needs attention, mine or yours, if you know what I mean,” she said, still smiling. I was dumbfounded! Here was my friends wife, naked in front of me, coming on to me. I didn’t say a word, nor waste any time. I moved forward, my hands reaching forward. She moved into me, her hands grasping mine and guiding them around her, resting them on her pussy as she covered my mouth with hers. “Do something about the leak there “ she murmured as we kissed, softly at first, then more aggressively. My hands kneaded her ass, pulling her groin into mine, my now fully hard cock pressing through my jeans. Her arms went around me, one hand on the back of my neck, her other sliding down to my ass, pulling me into her. Our tongues intertwined as we groped each other. Finally, I pulled back, and reaching under her arms, lifted her up to sit on the counter. My mouth moved forward, kissing her lightly, then drifting dow! n, placing light kisses down her neck. I moved one hand up to cover her breast, my thumb rubbing across her nipple as I caressed it.My other hand moved downward, gently rubbing the outside of her thigh, then moving inside. I continued to kiss downward, finally reaching her breast. I took her nipple in my mouth, flicking my tongue across it, before lightly sucking on it. She moaned, throwing her head back as her hand moved up the back of my neck, absently massaging it as I suckled her breast. My hand moved inside her thigh, sliding down, feeling her wetness. I ran my finger down between her lips, slowly, then sliding it inside, and pulling back out. I increased my pressure on her nipple as I slowly began to finger-fuck her, sliding in and out, occasionally up to slide across her clit before slipping back down into her again. She moaned louder, moving her hand up to force my head down. I let her, gliding my tongue between her breasts and continuing downward, over her slim belly!, then her navel.I slipped my tongue into her bellybutton, and heard her giggle as her stomach tightened. I slipped my finger out of her, and slid both hands under her legs, and back to her ass. Gently pulling her forward, I let my tongue continue its journey down to her pussy. I lift her legs slightly, to allow better access to her. My tongue starts at the top of her lips, flicking quickly, making her jump just a bit. I slide over her clit, just beginning to fully emerge from its curtain of cover. I circle it, hearing her moan with pleasure. Just barely touching her pussy lips, I glide farther down, reaching the bottom, then plunging my tongue into her, quickly come back up, my tongue dancing inside of her, hitting both sides as it travels. As I reach her fully protruded clit, I flick it softly, then more forcefully, banging it side to side. She groans, and grabbing my head, pulls me into her, forcing my tongue to slip back down and deep inside her cunt. Her wetness covers m! e, and her scent fills my nostrils.She raises her legs a bit, allowing her to cross her ankles behind my head, forcing me farther into her. My tongue goes crazy, lapping at her pussy, capturing her juices and creating more. I slip back to her clit, and gently bite it, rubbing it between my teeth as she thrashes on my face. She pulls me farther into her, and I know she’s about to come. I increase the pressure on her clit, increasing the speed of my tongue some more. “Oh, God. Yesss. Ohhh, yess… right there….Uhhhhh …….Ohhh, mmmmm…………” she screams out, her legs wrapped tightly around my head. “Ohh….I’m coming …… please….Ohhh.” She stops thrashing, locking her body into position. She grabs my hair, and forces her pussy forward. My tongue plunges deep into her as her juices flood my face, tongue, nose – everything. She moans loudly, her body convulsing slightly from her orgasm. She slowly relaxes, releasing the pressure on my head. I begin lapping at her juices covering her mound, slowly and deliberately covering every inch. I didn’t want to waste a bit. Her breathing becomes more normal, and her hand runs through my hair again, softly guiding me where she wanted to.She leans back, drained from her excitement. Her hands fall, and I spread her legs wider, allowing better access. I lick at her juices for just a bit more, then pull back, admiring the view. Her pussy lays open, glistening from the mixture of my saliva and her juices. I looked up to her face, and she smiles, pure satisfaction in her eyes. “Sorry, Sonia. I think I just made the leak worse,” I joked, smiling back at her from between her legs.She laughs meekly, unable to reply. As she lay there, recuperating from her orgasm, I slowly move a finger up, sliding it over the outside of her cunt lips to the top, then slipping deeper and sliding back down. She jumped, her legs closing. “Stop, Rakesh. That tickles. Besides, I need to find something to plug the leak.” She moves forward, dropping to her knees in front of me. Reaching forward, she strokes my member through my jeans, then unsnaps them, pulling the zipper down slowly. “What’s this – maybe this pipe could plug the leak,” she quipped, pulling my cock out and fondling it. I stood, eyes rolling back, loving the feel of her soft hands on my hardening flesh.She strokes my dick with one hand, reaching around to pull my pants down completely with the other. She succeeds, lowering them until they lay around my ankles. She wraps her hand around my now stiff rod, admir! ing its size. “Hmmm, nice huge pipe. Definitely huge. But I wonder if it’ll plug my leak…its too godamn’ll rip my pipe apart” She leans forward, her tongue flicking out and licking just the head, then wrapping around the head, stroking up with her hand. Her other hand slips down, fondling my clean-shaven balls, gently kneading them. The feeling was exquisite, pure ecstasy, as her mouth descended completely over my cock, disappearing between her lips, sliding deep into her throat. She easily took the first few inches, then slid her mouth back up, letting her hand slide upward in unison. She wraps her tongue back around the head, circling it slowly, causing me to moan just a bit. My hands reach forward to her head, gently pulling it forward to take me fully again into her warm mouth.She begins to slide it in and out, increasing her speed with every stroke. Her hands slip around to my ass, pulling me forward, taking me deeper. Her lips reach the base of my cock; the hea! d of my cock buried deep in her throat. She holds for just a second, then pulls back, my cock popping from her mouth. She runs her tongue down my shaft, then begins licking my balls as her hand moves back to my member, stroking it slowly. Licking first one, then the other, she continues her assault on my balls, occasionally sucking one completely into her mouth before releasing it. Her tongue begins to move faster, flicking them with just the tip of her tongue, her hand increasing its speed as she jacks me off. My head lays back, eyes closed, relishing the incredible feeling of her actions. Her tongue begins its journey back up my cock, licking the shaft as it goes. She reaches the head, then plunges it back into her mouth once again, her tongue wrapping it as she does.She pulls back, her hand still wrapped around it. I look down at her smiling, her hand still stroking me. “Ready to check the fit,” she asks, a devilish grin on her face. I nod, unable to actually speak. She re! leases my cock, and lays back, spreading her legs wide. Her pussy still glistens with her juices, and I quickly realize where her other hand had disappeared to. I step from my jeans awkwardly, almost falling in my haste. I kick them to the side, then drop to my knees, reaching for her. My hands slide under her ass, pulling her to me. I grab my dick, holding it straight, just the tip of the head slipping into her slit. I look into her eyes, seeing approval and excitement there. “Fuck me, Baby. Slip it in and fuck me hard,” she whispers. “I need it sooo bad!” I slip in just a bit more, and she moans softly. I reach down to her waist, my hands holding her, and slam forward, my dick slipping easily in. “Uuuuhhhhhhh, slowly damn,” she screams loudly, her back arching off the floor. Her legs wrap around me, pulling me in deeper.My hands slide up her waist to her mounds of flesh, gliding over them before lightly pinching the nipples. I slowly begin driving my cock in and out of her ! soaked cunt, her soft moans urging me on. I lower my face to hers, kissing her lips softly, then sliding my tongue in. We kiss, our tongues tying knots as I continue to slam mercilessly into her, her legs tightening around me. I kiss down her neck, increasing the speed of my hips as I nibble her ear. She moans, her hands sliding down my back to rest on my ass. “Oooooh, sooo goooood! Harder, baby, harder, put it in completely, fuck me with that monster!’’ she screams, slapping my ass sharply. I begin pounding into her, faster and faster, my balls slapping against her with every stroke.I pull back, then lean up, my cock never leaving her. My hands slide down her body, then around her legs. I grab her ankles, and spreading her legs wide, slam into her again. She moans again, and slips a hand down to her clit, massaging it as I pound her cunt. My hips are a blur, and I feel that familiar sensation in my balls. She screams, her juices flowing freely as her orgasm hits, her muscle! s contracting around my shaft, holding it tight. I continue driving into her, my rhythm working up and with a groan I erupt within her clinging cunt. Wads and wads of thick cum spurts from my penis deep into her. ‘OOOHHH’” she moans and kisses me deeply.